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juni 2014

Denniz Pop Awards 2014

juni 13, 2014

”The idea of this music award is to help new songwriters, producers and artists continuing the legacy of Denniz.”

The annual Denniz Pop Awards were held in Stockholm last night. This year’s recipients, selected by the former members of Cheiron Studios in the jury, were in the four respective categories:
Rookie Artist: Tove Lo, Rookie Songwriter/Producer: Salvatore Ganacci.
The Grand Prize-winner was Avicii and The Most Valuable Person, Arash ”Ash” Pournouri:

The Denniz Pop Award statue “Encapsulated sound” (below) is displayed at the Swedish Music Hall of Fame in Stockholm.

Together with Max Martin and Avicii’s award-winning manager Arash ”Ash” Pournouri.´

With Jonas Holst, publisher at Universal Music Publishing and co-jury member Per Magnusson.

The Denniz Pop Awards’ Jury

Andreas Carlsson, David Kreuger, Jacob Schulze, John Amatiello, Jörgen Elofsson, Kristian Lundin, Max Martin, Per Magnusson and Rami Yacoub.

About Denniz Pop Awards

Instituted in 2013, the Denniz Pop Awards were initiated by the former Cheiron members, co-workers, friends and family. The idea of the non-profitable music award is to help new songwriters, producers and artists to continue the legacy of Denniz Pop. Also to recognize the Swedish international success-of-the-year, through the Grand Prize Award.

The second intent is to raise money for the Denniz Pop Foundation, founded in 1998, with its main purpose to financially support:
– Study trips abroad for nursing staff at Radiumhemmet (Sweden’s first cancer treatment facility)
– Improvements of patients’ healthcare environment at Radiumhemmet

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