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september 2016

Starting off his songwriting career in the mid 80’s bying a four-track tape recorder has this far rendered into two No 1’s on Billboard Hot 100 and eight on the UK Top 40 – and now a crown embedded on the sidewalk in his native Ängelholm.

”I’m incredibly proud and honored to receive this amazing brass crown along with these amazing fellow recipients. This is where I grew up, and a few feet from here is where I bought my first recording equpiment. I will always be grateful to the city of Ängelholm. Thank you!”

The 2016 Walk of Fame honourees:

Jill Johnson – country & pop singer and songwriter
Christian von Koenigsegg – automobile manufacturer
Kenny Jönsson – professional ice hockey player
Ragnar Skanåker – pistol shooter, Olympic gold medal winner
Maria Rooth –  ice hockey player

Malik Bendjelloul – documentary filmmaker, journalist and former child actor
Elsa Andersson – Sweden’s first female aviator and stunt parachutist
Jarl Kulle – film and stage actor and director
Jarl Borssén – actor and comedian
Frans G Bengtsson – novelist, essayist, poet and biographer

(Jörgen with fellow Walk of Fame recipient Jill Johnson.)