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On November 15, Céline Dion released “Courage” – her first English-language studio album in six years. Including three songs co-written by Jörgen, it on Sunday debuted on Billboard 200, making it her first album in 17 years reaching the top position.
Back then, in 2002, Jörgen also contributed with a song …


Let’s begin with the three songs co-written by Jörgen on “Courage”:

Flying On My Own (the album’s first single)

Say Yes

Nobody’s Watching

(At the Palms’ Recording Studio in Las Vegas.)

Now, let’s go back 17 years …
On March 26, 2002, Céline released her seventh English-language album “A New Day Has Come”. It went to No. 1 on Billboard 200 two weeks later. Included on the record was this song “The Greatest Reward” co-written by Jörgen.

In addition to above, in February 2006 Jörgen had yet another Billboard 200 No. 1 with Céline Dion. Il Divo had two months earlier released their second album “Ancora“. One of the songs “I Believe in You (Je Crois En Toi)”, co-written by Jörgen, was a duet between the classical crossover vocal group and … Céline Dion:

Céline Dion; Official Website >>


Six years have passed since Céline Dion released her previous English-language studio album. Today “Courage”,  including three songs co-written by Jörgen, hit all platforms.


On April 3, Céline announced her first English-language studio album, “Courage”, since 2013 was set for release in November and that an upcoming worldwide tour would start in September.

That same day, this video came out on YouTube in which the car radio is switched on playing a 45 seconds snippet of the album’s first single “Flying On My Own”.

On June 8, the final night of Céline’s record-breaking 1,141 shows at Caesar’s Palace, she surprised the audience by performing the song.

Written by Jörgen, Liz Rodrigues and Anton “Hybrid” Mårtensson, the studio version of the song was released on June 28.

Included on today’s “Courage” album release are two more songs co-written by Jörgen:

Say Yes
Written by Jörgen and Liz Rodrigues, produced by Jörgen

Nobody’s Watching
Written by Jörgen and Liz Rodrigues, produced by Jörgen and Hybrid

All three songs were recorded at the Palms’ Recording Studio in Las Vegas and produced at Jörgen’s “The Penthouse” studio outside Stockholm.

Jörgen, Anton (kneeling), Céline and the crew at the Palms’ Recording Studio in Las Vegas. (Photo: Denise Truscello)

Over the years, Jörgen has written yet another three songs for Céline Dion >>

Céline Dion; Official Website >>

Recently ending a historic 16 year residency run at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Céline Dion in November releases her first English-language studio album since 2013.  The introductory single “Flying On My Own” is co-written by Jörgen.

On June 8, the final night of her record-breaking 1,141 shows over the last 16 years, Céline Dion surprised the audience by performing “Flying On My Own“, a new song and the first single taken from her forthcoming album “Courage” due in November. The song, released today, is written by Jörgen, Liz Rodrigues and Anton “Hybrid” Mårtensson.

Three more songs co-written by Jörgen released by Céline Dion:

“There Comes a Time” (2008)

“I Believe in You (Je Crois En Toi)” (2005)

“The Greatest Reward” (2002)

Céline Dion; Official Website >>

Jörgen with Per Magnusson and Jacob Schulze, each a former Cheiron songwriter and music producer, in Stockholm on June 6 while shooting one of an eight episodes Canadian music documentary titled “Pop Evolution”. Coming on Netflix.


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Released on January 12, 1999 the debut album “… Baby One More Time” by a 17-year-old singer from Kentucky would eventually sell in excess of 25 million copies worldwide.

Cheiron Studios in Stockholm, Sweden formed in 1992 by Denniz PoP and Tom Talomaa was already beginning to receive recognition for delivering hit songs and music productions for international record labels and its artists. But the release of Britney Spears first album “… Baby One More Time” changed everything – overnight Cheiron became the most coveted music studios in the world.

Working on the album were six of Cheiron’s songwriters and producers besides Jörgen: Max Martin, Andreas Carlsson, Per Magnusson, David Kreuger, Kristian Lundin and Rami Yacoub.

The record label, Jive Records, decided to release the title track, written by Max Martin, as the first single and it was sent to the U.S. radio stations on October 23, 1998. It became a huge success reaching No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100 on January 30, 1999.

Exceptionally, Britney’s album entered at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 list the same day where it remained for six weeks. Since then only two artists have scored their first weeks at No. 1 on the Hot 100 and Billboard 200 simultaneously: Beyoncé and Camila Cabello.

Britney’s second single “Sometimes”, written solely by Jörgen, was released exactly three months later, on April 30, 1999. It became another smash hit attaining worldwide success, reaching inside the top ten of the charts in eleven countries.

Read “The Story Behind Britney’s Sometimes” >>

Also the album’s third single “You Drive Me (Crazy)” was written by Jörgen, in this case together with Per Magnusson, David Kreuger and Max Martin. Released on August 23, 1999 it became a huge commercial success reaching Top 10 in the U.S. and No. 5 in the U.K.

Two more facts on Britney’s first album, today celebrating 20 years since released:
1. It is still the best-selling debut album by any artist – ever
2. It is still one of the best-selling albums of all-time

Together with all the Cheiron songwriters working on the album, Jörgen received his first Diamond Award for selling more than 10 million copies in the U.S. alone in a single year .

“Congrats Ali!”

November 17, 2018

Ali Tamposi was last night honored “Songwriter of the Year” at Spotify Secret Genius’ second annual awards ceremony held in downtown Los Angeles.

“Congrats Ali for a hugely successful year. I’m so proud of you, my friend!”

A knocking on Jörgen’s studio door in late 2015 turned into much more than just a mere background singing occasion.

Today, with more than 50 million streams on Spotify alone, the then 18-year-old Swedish/American high school student Rhys’ musical career took off in late 2015 after being introduced to Jörgen as a background singer.

Instantly stunned by her voice and charisma however, Jörgen started working on songs with Rhys and in their first studio session together they wrote “Swallow Your Pride”, which a few months later would become her debut single.

Five more singles soon followed and throughout 2017 and during most of 2018 Rhys has been performing on several big TV shows and live concerts at the biggest festivals in Sweden.

Today Rhys released her first album “Stages, all 11 songs written together with Jörgen, whom also is the record’s producer.

Track listing
1. You’ll Never Know
2. Last Dance (second single)
3. Starfish (feat Felix Sandman) (sixth single)
4. Swallow Your Pride (first single)
5. Better Be Over
6. Too Good To Be True (third single)
7. Doomed
8. On My Own
9. Maybe I Will Learn (fourth single)
10. No Vacancy (fifth single)
11. Spite My Flaws

Listen to the full album on Spotify >>

Following a bare and emotional debut released in November, Rhys now delivers an uptempo song written by Jörgen.

Early review from Popjustice

The song is written and co-produced by Jörgen. It is lifted from Rhys’ forthcoming EP due out this spring.

”I was completely taken by her voice. I knew there and then, that somehow we are gonna have to work together.”

Rhys's debut single "Swallow Your Pride"

A moment like this occasionally occurs for a songwriter. One day an unknown singer,
in this case recommended to Jörgen as a demo singer, suddenly appears at the studio doorstep, and everything just feels right.

This was what happened that day in late 2015 when then 18-year-old
Rhys Clarsted Frank, born in Portland, Oregon but living in Stockholm since 2007, only moments later found herself standing behind a microphone in Jörgen’s song booth. ”She was so mature and soulful and she totally lit up the room with her charisma”, Jörgen continues. “Now working together for a year, I’m really proud to present Rhys.”

Today Rhys releases her debut single “Swallow Your Pride” with lyrics about sadness and regret. It is written by Rhys and Jörgen, also the song’s producer.

Jörgen and me wanted it to be as bare and honest as possible, so we basically left all the production out”, says Rhys about the song.

Rhys’ first single is lifted from her forthcoming EP.