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Debut Single from Rhys Released Today

November 25, 2016

”I was completely taken by her voice. I knew there and then, that somehow we are gonna have to work together.”

Rhys's debut single "Swallow Your Pride"

A moment like this occasionally occurs for a songwriter. One day an unknown singer,
in this case recommended to Jörgen as a demo singer, suddenly appears at the studio doorstep, and everything just feels right.

This was what happened that day in late 2015 when then 18-year-old
Rhys Clarsted Frank, born in Portland, Oregon but living in Stockholm since 2007, only moments later found herself standing behind a microphone in Jörgen’s song booth. ”She was so mature and soulful and she totally lit up the room with her charisma”, Jörgen continues. “Now working together for a year, I’m really proud to present Rhys.”

Today Rhys releases her debut single “Swallow Your Pride” with lyrics about sadness and regret. It is written by Rhys and Jörgen, also the song’s producer.

Jörgen and me wanted it to be as bare and honest as possible, so we basically left all the production out”, says Rhys about the song.

Rhys’ first single is lifted from her forthcoming EP.