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oktober 2020

Today twenty years ago, on October 31, 2000, Westlife released ”My Love”. The song went straight to number one on the UK Top 40. Additionally, it won the Record of the Year award.

Written by Jörgen, Per Magnusson, David Kreuger and Pelle Nylén, the song was taken from the band’s second album ”Coast to Coast”. It too charted at number one in the UK, as well as in Ireland, Scotland and Malaysia.

However, ”My Love” was not the premier Westlife UK Top 40 number one single written by Jörgen, Per and David. The first, ”If I Let You Go”, hit the top spot on August 21, 1999, the second one, ”Fool Again”, on April 8, 2000. All three songs were recorded at the legendary Cheiron Studios in Stockholm.

Jörgen also co-wrote a fourth Westlife UK number one song, ”Unbreakable” which landed atop of the chart on November 16, 2002. This particular song would eight years later lead to a surprising telephone call from… Well, that is another story…

Written By Jörgen Elofsson: 30 Selected Songs in One Playlist

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