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November 2019

On November 15, Céline Dion released “Courage” – her first English-language studio album in six years. Including three songs co-written by Jörgen, it on Sunday debuted on Billboard 200, making it her first album in 17 years reaching the top position.
Back then, in 2002, Jörgen also contributed with a song …


Let’s begin with the three songs co-written by Jörgen on “Courage”:

Flying On My Own (the album’s first single)

Say Yes

Nobody’s Watching

(At the Palms’ Recording Studio in Las Vegas.)

Now, let’s go back 17 years …
On March 26, 2002, Céline released her seventh English-language album “A New Day Has Come”. It went to No. 1 on Billboard 200 two weeks later. Included on the record was this song “The Greatest Reward” co-written by Jörgen.

In addition to above, in February 2006 Jörgen had yet another Billboard 200 No. 1 with Céline Dion. Il Divo had two months earlier released their second album “Ancora“. One of the songs “I Believe in You (Je Crois En Toi)”, co-written by Jörgen, was a duet between the classical crossover vocal group and … Céline Dion:

Céline Dion; Official Website >>


Six years have passed since Céline Dion released her previous English-language studio album. Today “Courage”,  including three songs co-written by Jörgen, hit all platforms.


On April 3, Céline announced her first English-language studio album, “Courage”, since 2013 was set for release in November and that an upcoming worldwide tour would start in September.

That same day, this video came out on YouTube in which the car radio is switched on playing a 45 seconds snippet of the album’s first single “Flying On My Own”.

On June 8, the final night of Céline’s record-breaking 1,141 shows at Caesar’s Palace, she surprised the audience by performing the song.

Written by Jörgen, Liz Rodrigues and Anton “Hybrid” Mårtensson, the studio version of the song was released on June 28.

Included on today’s “Courage” album release are two more songs co-written by Jörgen:

Say Yes
Written by Jörgen and Liz Rodrigues, produced by Jörgen

Nobody’s Watching
Written by Jörgen and Liz Rodrigues, produced by Jörgen and Hybrid

All three songs were recorded at the Palms’ Recording Studio in Las Vegas and produced at Jörgen’s “The Penthouse” studio outside Stockholm.

Jörgen, Anton (kneeling), Céline and the crew at the Palms’ Recording Studio in Las Vegas. (Photo: Denise Truscello)

Over the years, Jörgen has written yet another three songs for Céline Dion >>

Céline Dion; Official Website >>